Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Rats by Debbie Ducommun

This was an impulse buy and I don't intend to get any pet rats. On the other hand, if I did want pet rats, I'm set because this book is very thorough. It covers everything from nutrition and vet care to teaching tricks and showing rats. The pictures of rats (and people) are adorable, and the book is well written and nicely laid out for easy reading and quick reference.

The only thing the book doesn't have, surprisingly, is a section on different types of rats. Different breeds are touched on during various sections of the book, but I really wanted a page or two with pictures of different types of rats and some description of each.

Now I kind of want pet rats. To stop myself, I may have to glance through the section on rat diseases again.

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Kelly Robinson said...

"Impulse buy" gave me a bit of a giggle. For most people, it's a pack of gum or a maybe a magazine at the checkout. For you, it's a book on rat keeping. I hope you know how awesome you are.

K.C. Shaw said...

Hehe, thanks. I think. :)