Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Ink Flamingos by Karen E. Olson

Ink Flamingos is being released today, so you totally need to run out and buy a copy. This is the last book in the Tattoo Shop mystery series, and it's thoroughly enjoyable.

Tattoo artist Brett Kavanaugh has promised her brother--a homicide detective--that she'll stay out of his business. But when a longtime client and friend is found dead with a botched tattoo, Brett can't help getting involved, especially when someone is trying hard to point the blame at her. Someone else--unless it's the same person--is impersonating Brett, and creepy-stalker photos of her keep showing up online. Worse, the dead woman was a singer whose band had recently shot to fame, and her fans are out for Brett's blood.

It's no secret that I absolutely love Karen Olson's writing. I've reviewed her previous books here and here and here. Her plots are intricate, her characters fascinating. Ink Flamingos is a great addition to her other books.

The plot in this one is particularly complicated, with lots of clues and a great resolution. I had no idea who the murderer was or why they had done it until the reveal, and then I could have kicked myself for not picking up on those clues. I love that feeling. The parts about the stalker were perfectly creepy; as a result, Brett is understandably more shaken than usual, although she's still a likable, strong character.

Since this is the last book in the series, a low-key romantic subplot takes on more importance as well. I was really hoping for that, since I like the character in question. I wasn't disappointed. I'm sorry that there won't be more books about Brett, but the series has a thoroughly satisfying finish. I'm looking forward to reading whatever else Olson writes.

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