Monday, June 6, 2011

Hexed by Kevin Hearne

I reviewed the first book in this series, Hounded, a few weeks ago. Hexed is technically being released tomorrow, but I snagged a copy early at the book store and of course read it immediately.

Hexed is almost as much fun as Hounded. It's a bit longer too, or seems that way since the ending is a very long, involved brawl. It's that ending that keeps me from recommending the book with quite as much enthusiasm as the first one, although it's certainly not bad at all. I just thought the action was drawn out a bit too long.

But that's a minor issue, really. It's still a hugely entertaining story with a more complex plot than Hounded and a lot of hints at what to expect from the next book (Hammered, which will be released next month). There's a ton of action and a lot of humor.

The book takes place about three weeks after the events of Hounded. The local coven of witches has been weakened and as a result, several sets of baddies are trying to move in on the Tempe, Arizona area. The coven wants Atticus to help them defend their turf, something he wouldn't ordinarily agree to. But as it happens, he has unfinished business with the witches and demons on their way into town--and to take them down, he's going to have to call in some serious favors and make some serious promises. Oh, and steal some serious weapons.

One of the best parts of these books is Atticus's realistic friendship with his dog, Oberon. The two can communicate, which is the source of some of the funniest lines in the book and some of the most poignant exchanges. Atticus is a likable character even without Oberon, largely because of his concern for his friends. And the worldbuilding details are enormously entertaining. I can't wait to see what Hearne does with the next book.

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