Sunday, September 11, 2011

Night of the Living Trekkies by Kevin David Anderson and Sam Stall

Holy crap! I'm behind on my reviewing and was planning to review the pending books in order, but I just finished Night of the Living Trekkies and have to share how fun it is.

I thought it would be stupid, too. I'd been putting off reading it because I thought the humor would be heavy-handed and the plot moronic. But it's not!

Jim Pike works as an assistant night manager of a crappy hotel, a job he likes because if he screws up, no one dies--unlike his last job in the army. He can't forgive himself for some of the men who died under his command in Afghanistan. But when a Star Trek convention at his hotel is suddenly overrun with zombies--real ones--Jim's the only one who can help lead the few survivors to safety.

The book is solidly written. While Jim sometimes comes across as a little too hopeless about his situation, it worked; and I liked that a woman he rescues really is a strong female character without acting like a man-with-boobs or a sexy-sidekick-with-guns character. The plot is predictable but has some fun twists.

I'm not a huge Trek fan, but I got a lot of the geek humor in the book. A real Trekker would probably find even more to enjoy. And the zombies really are scary, as is the build-up to when Jim realizes what's happening. The book's a quick, enjoyable read, and it has depth of character too. Second successful zombie book I've read this year--it's a record!

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