Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Mystery of Pony Hollow by Lynn Hall

Sometimes you just have to read a 59-page book about ponies. At least I do.

Sarah Elgin has a new pony of her own. She spends a sunny May Saturday exploring her parents' Iowa farmland on horseback, and discovers a tiny stone house in a hollow. To her horror, though, she hears a pony inside, whinnying and kicking at the door. But when Sarah breaks the lock to let the trapped pony out, she discovers the cottage is empty--except for a dusty pony skeleton.

For such a short, simple story, The Mystery of Pony Hollow packs a lot of action. I liked that Sarah didn't rely on adults to solve the mystery. She researches the history of the farm herself, discovers the name of a groom who worked there fifty years before and tracks him down at a nursing home, and goes to visit him herself.

The story is gentle and interesting, with a bittersweet but satisfying ending. I've read a lot of Lynn Hall's books over the years; they're always good.

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