Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Reviewed by Sin - Blanket of White

Blanket of White (anthology)
by Amy Grech
Damnation Books, LLC

Gore: Not heavy, but the blood does fly in some stories!

Sex: There are some very, very horny people in this anthology.

Angst: Oodles.

The nice things about anthologies, is that you get a taste of all different kinds of horror/dark fiction. This is certainly true with Amy Grech's BLANKET OF WHITE. Topics range from parent-child relationships, dealing with the end of the world, and people who need to learn to keep it in their pants. On that last note, this is not an anthology for anyone who is shy about sex scenes. You will see quite a few people get their hump on ; )

This isn't an anthology for anyone who requires hard core blood and guts. Some of the stories aren't straight horror at all, and you won't get any gross monsters out for human blood. Much of the anthology relies on emotional pain/tension to make a point. Amy Grech does this extremely well: she has a knack for pealing back her character's layers, and (figuratively) exposing their squishy tender bits. In some stories, she also exposes their literal tender bits.

My favorite story, "Ashes to Ashes," was definitely one of angst over gore. It was creepy as hell in some parts, but nothing exploded and no one's intestines got eaten by rabid chipmunks. Also, I can never look at doing laundry the same way again. That's how you know a story hit the mark: you are still uneasy long after you've read it. It's like seeing a Saint Bernard after reading CUJU. Sure, they're lovable cuddlebugs with silly faces. But deep down, you still flash back to those moments in the book that scared the shit out of you.

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