Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Reviewed by Sin - HIRAM GRANGE: The Chosen One

Hiram Grange: The Chosen One
By Kevin Lucia
Shroud Publishing

Gore: Not only do I have no complaints, I would recommend the shower of carnage to friends and loved ones!

Sex: Actual humping, no. But rest assured, this book is not for prudish readers.

Angst: One of the most likable things about Hiram is his angst.

Since I haven't read the previous Hiram Grange adventures (each by a different author), I can't comment on this novella in the context of the Hiram spectrum. I can say that he is a great antihero, and more than a bit of a filthy pervert. While Hiram may lack the brute masculinity of say, Wolverine, that only makes him more fun (and more human). Hiram is a social oddity, as much for his physical appearance as his very special profession: kicking supernatural ass. Tall, gangly, and greasy-haired, you won't see Mr. Grange on the cover of any bodice rippers. His nose alone would take up most of the cover. And yet, at this very moment, he could very well be having sex with your mother. Providing, of course, that she can still fit into a naughty school-girl outfit.

Just try not to think about it. I'm sure she's not having sex with Hiram Grange. Probably. In any case, I was relieved that "The Chosen One" stood on its own. Lucia does an expert job of weaving in backstory from previous Hiram novellas, without exaggerating the fact that the "Chosen One" is part of a series. I was especially impressed with the action scenes. They were so smoothly written that I could follow along, without the usual "what the fuck just happened?" feeling every three seconds. I hate having to reread something a hundred times, just to figure out who shot/stabbed/exploded what in the where. It ruins the momentum, as anyone who has read a poorly written action sequence can attest to.

Once you get to the meat of the story, don't expect to get up any time soon. I only meant to read "a little more" before bed, and ended up shot-gunning the rest of the book. I had to. There was no, "Oh this is a nice quiet moment," once the shit really hit the fan. One of the key factors to this is Hiram himself. If an author crafts brilliant scenes without a character worth rooting for, it's all bullshit. I rooted for Hiram. Underneath the ill-fitting suit and self-deprecation, he is a sweet man stuck with a job that would drive most people to madness. His "bad habits" are entirely understandable, and even endearing. This is a testament to Lucia's talent: To know Hiram is to love him, and Lucia bares the man in all his most vulnerable, and at times tragic, glory. I recommend this book to anyone who wants a story that doesn't skimp on the heart or the guts.

And as for your mother, well, the woman has needs.

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