Monday, March 15, 2010

MythOS by Kelly McCullough

I hadn't intended to read MythOS so soon after I finished CodeSpell. I guess I'm just in the mood for this kind of light, cerebral-but-warm book right now.

In MythOS, Ravirn and Melchior go searching for the lost webtroll Ahllan. She's been missing since the events in the second book (unless it's the first; I read those two last year and can't remember) and they're both worried about her. Unfortunately, at the same time that Ravirn traces Ahllan's last known whereabouts, something awful happens to Necessity--the goddess who long before transformed herself into a vast living network that she the other gods and powers use to keep the universe running. Ravirn, Mel, and the Fury Tisiphone are catapulted into another universe entirely--one where the Greek gods are myths, and the Norse gods rule.

I found the whole idea of this book delicious. Ravirn's confusion and annoyance with his trickster counterpart Loki is particularly interesting and well-done. While Ravirn's friendship with Mel isn't as vital to this book as the earlier ones, I liked the way his relationships change and grow with Tisiphone, Ahllan, and the new gods and powers he encounters.

Since I just reviewed CodeSpell two days ago, I'll leave this one short. The fifth book in the series, SpellCrash, will be released at the end of May. You can bet I'll be reading it.

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