Monday, February 8, 2010

Crime Scene at Cardwell Ranch by B.J. Daniels

I wasn't even going to admit to reading this book, but I can't avoid it. Lertulo's snowed in without internet access, Jackie's reading something she's already told me she won't review, and I haven't finished a book since Crime Scene at Cardwell Ranch by B.J. Daniels. It's not just a Harlequin Intrigue book, it's the one Harlequin chose to give away free to get people hooked on the line.

Where to start? Well, first of all, I'm not a big reader of romance and this was, in fact, the first category romance I'd ever read. I'm also a bit hampered in my review because after finishing the book I, um, *mumbles*useditforkindlinginthefireweweresnowedin*mumbles* and I can't remember the main characters' names. I remember the guy's dad's name was Brick Savage, which is just barely one step above Beef Hardslab, but the other names have just drifted out of my head.

The plot was pretty good. The mystery was interesting, I didn't guess the murderer, and the pacing was brisk. The two main characters were bland but pleasant. I didn't really care that much if they got together in the end, but I was mildly pleased when they did. The writing--well, I'll just gently say that I got a lot of good laughs out of the book that may not have been intended, but laughing is always good, right?

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